Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Nov 13, 2017
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Can input, can be selected to auto generator findViewById code in Activity or etc, support ButterKnife(version 8.4.0), support ViewHolder.
If there is a problem, please go to my GitHub above issues.

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Recent change notes

1.4.3 Fix a IndexOutOfBoundsException bug, As some older projects use the aa_bb format, resuming aa_bb formatted code generation.
1.4.2 Fix bugs with the same xml name for more than one Module.
1.4.1 Code replace to Kotlin, add Forced Casts option, default true, and Replace code to Kotlin language.
Revision 26.0.0 Beta 1 Important changes
1.4 Variable names only support mAaBbCc and aaBbCc naming formats, The switch block adds the default statement.
Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines
1.3 Variable names support three naming formats: 1, mAaBbCc, 2, aa_bb_cc, 3, aaBbCc
1.2.2 Onclick can select all or deselect all
1.2.1 Fix ImageView and TextView can not click the OnClick option
1.2 Support ViewHolder
1.1.2 Button defaults to the OnClick option
1.1 Support ButterKnife, version 8.4.0, shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
1.0 Support Activity and Fragment, shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+E