Compatible with TeamCity
Nov 28, 2016
Plugin for ordering TeamCity build agents. This plugin gives you a possibility to prioritize your build agents by different criteria, so whenever the build starts, available agent with higher weight will be used. So far, you can prioritize by:
  • By build status: this priority would sort agents depending on the build result, that was received during previous executions
  • By configuration parameter: this priority would sort agents by the given parameter, provided by user. Parameter should be set in file
  • By CPU benchmark index: this priority would sort agents by CPU benchmark index, calculated during agent start
  • By name: this priority would sort agents by name
Each priority could have some parameters, which are described on the corresponding configuration page. Multiple priorities could be selected and reordered. For your convenience, there is a possibility to check prioritization: select the build for which you would like to see ordered agent and you would see agents in sorted order.