Advanced Java Folding

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
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This plugin folds arithmetic, concatenation, slice, compare, index and key access, type cast expressions, getters, setters and variable declarations in Java for better code readability. This covers BigDecimal, BigInteger, Long, Integer, Double, Float, Math, String, StringBuilder, List, Set, Map, Optional, primitive types and more.

To get access to experimental features, go to Settings | Plugins | Browse Repositories | Manage Repositories and add as a custom plugin repository URL.

For more clarity, adjust your color scheme: go to Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General, select Folded text, uncheck the Background color, and change the Foreground color to #000091 for the default scheme and #D7AE72 for Darcula.

To disable certain types of folding, go to Settings | Editor | General | Code Folding.

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Interpolated string folding bugfixes