tcDebRepository - Debian File Repository for TeamCity

Compatible with TeamCity
Dec 06, 2016
Use Teamcity as a Debian File Repository server.
Configure your Debian or Ubuntu server to obtain package updates from TeamCity builds.

Download plugin

General usage instructions

Build your Debian packages in TeamCity, and tcDebRepository can serve them to your Debian (or Debian based) linux servers.

Then updating your server with the latest TeamCity build is as simple as:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install package_name

Installing the plugin will add:

  • A browsable repository of packages and package meta-data.

  • A repository in the structure consumed by APT including a URL from which APT can download the packages.

  • A processor which watches for build events and parses the list of artifacts, filters them and then publishes the package meta-data into matched repositories.

  • A processor which watches for cleanup events and removes the package meta-data from repositories.

  • A UI for creating, editing and removing repositories.

  • A UI for creating, editing and removing the Artifact Filters that the processor uses for indexing packages.

For more details, see