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Dec 24, 2016
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This is a Chinese-English translate plugin for IDEA and Android Studio. It supports translate the words that you selected or automatically identified word around caret in editor. It also provides a translate panel that you can input any word or phrase want to translate just like a dictionary app.


Move the caret int the word you want to translate or pick it,and then use one of the method following, the translate result will be shown in a balloon nearby caret for a moment.

  • (Recommended)Press the translate keyboard-shortcut,default shortcut is Ctrl+Command+T(Mac) or Alt+T(Windows),please change shortcut if conflict.You can specify shortcut by yourself.
  • Click Translate button in Toolbar,it may located in the last of Toolbar usually.
  • Choose Translate pop menu by mouse right click
  • (Not Recommended)Choose Menu in Translate -> Translate to translate. It's not recommended because it may lose the focus of editor in Windows and unable to pick the words

The translate panel is in View -> Tool Window -> Translate,the panel is simple but useful.

  • You don't need to specified the language because it can identify the language automatically.
  • It supports translate phrase if you pick them in editor or input phrase in translate panel.
  • It supports CamelHump code style,such as "HelloWorld" can be separated as "hello world" automatically,but word like "JSON" will no be separated.
  • It is on line translate service,so It will does not work if there has no network

Power by YouDao translate engine.

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Recent change notes

  • 1.0(2016-12-13)
    -Support get words selected by user or pick word around caret.
    -Support translate panel,a simple dictionary.
    -Add some toggle entries:shortcut,main menu,pop menu.
    -Support Chinese-English and English-Chines translate.
    -Fix some bug(such as disconnect http accidentally).
  • 1.1(2016-12-19)
    -Fix out of index bug if there has no word at the caret's location.
    -Add an entry to ToolBar.