Yii2 Support

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
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  • View files completion
  • Add View parameters after completion
  • Inspection missed View files
  • QuickFix for missed files
  • Jump to View file (go to declaration)
  • Inspection by required & unused parameters for View render
  • QuickFix for required & unused parameters
  • Update path to View file on file move
  • Code completion
  • Generate params array
Configuration arrays

Code completion for Yii configuration arrays. Works both in configuration files and on object instantiation.
Following cases are supported:

  • Array in $config parameter in yii\base\Object or its descendants constructor
  • Array have "class" key with valid class representation: fully qualified string representation, ClassName::class or Class::className()
  • Array is a value of a key that corresponds to standard Yii classes (like "db", "request", "mailer" and so on), and file with this array located in a directory called "config"
  • WidgetClass::widget() and WidgetClass::begin calls if WidgetClass is a descendant of yii\base\Widget
  • $field->widget() method call on yii\widgets\ActiveField and its descendants
  • Inside array in GridView "columns" key
  • Yii::createObject method

Go To Declaration, Rename, Find usages and Help popup works whenever code completion works.

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Recent change notes

  • Ignore method and function(except "compact") calls as second parameter for render* functions
  • False-positive missed field inspection on event & behavior declaration in config object create array
  • Fix exception from UnusedParametersLocalQuickFix in older PhpStorm versions