Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Sep 10, 2018
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FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) development support for IntelliJ IDEA. This plugin will work with either the free open-sourced Community Edition or the licensed Ultimate Edition of IntelliJ IDEA. As of v0.6, this plugin requires IntelliJ IDEA v2017.3 or later.

Please report issues or make feature requests at:
Usage documentation is available at the project's wiki

This plugin provides most of the functionality in the 'official' eclipse plugin, plus some additional functionality. Although it is in beta, it was successfully used by over 300 users during the 2017 FRC season, and over 1,500 users during the 2018 FRC season. More features are planned for future versions, with a 1.0 release coming soon. Please report issues or make feature requests via the above link.

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Recent change notes

  • Resolved Issue #19, a NPE that sometimes occurred when initializing the FRC framework

  • Added RIOLog monitoring for WPILib's new (for 2018) TCP implementation (Issue #7)
  • No longer open the SSH Tailing alternative RIOLog monitoring by default. It is available via the menu: Tools | FRC | RIOLog Monitoring | SSH Tailing)
  • Resolved an issue where the team number was sometimes not correctly set in the (Issue #13)
  • Miscellaneous changes and improvements

  • Resolved Issue #8, "Cannot deploy code to roboRIO" that was caused by a change in the way the 2018 WPILib deploys code to the roboRIO

  • IntelliJ IDEA v2017.3 or later now required
  • Added FRC project templates to IntelliJ IDEA's New Project wizard
  • Updates for 2018 WPILib compatibility
  • Improved "version aware" WPILib update process in the tool menu
  • Improvements to the SSH Tailing of roboRIO Log File feature
  • Added some words/terms to built-in spell check dictionary
  • Miscellaneous changes and improvements

  • Resolved Issue #3 that was causing changes to plugin settings to not be persisted between IDE runs when using IntelliJ IDEA v2017.1
  • Fixed a high CPU utilization issue with the experimental SSH tailing feature. It still may need some more tweaking to reduced CPU usage for when the roboRIO is not connected and the SSH tail is testing to see if the roboRIO is connected again.
  • Resolved two issues related to lifecycle / "initialization sequencing" that caused some exceptions -- "Runner FrcRioLog is not registered" or an "IndexNotReadyException" -- when opening a new FRC project.
  • Added some initial documentation on the project's wiki
  • Added some words/terms to built-in spell check dictionary

  • Add tailing of roboRIO log via SSH over Wi-Fi (Experimental Feature). Like Net Console log monitoring, it supports the use of the Grep Console plugin to provide syntax highlighting and line folding
  • Resolved issue with RioLog console not auto clearing (on roboRIO restart) when selected due to a character encoding difference on some developers' systems
  • Added some words/terms to built-in spell check dictionary

  • Fixed an issue where the WpiLib was not downloaded to the properly nested directory. The 'current' sub-directory was missing in the full path.

  • Added auto checks at project startup that WPILib and User Lib are attached as Libraries
  • Auto prompt at startup if Team Number is not configured
  • Added notification about known issue of RioLog socket binding issue if two FRC projects are open at the same time
  • Updated built-in spell check dictionary with additional FRC domain specific terms/words
  • Some code cleanup and minor improvements

  • Downloading of the WPILib libraries (Tools > Frc > Downloading Latest WPILib)
  • Easy attachment of the WPILib libraries as dependencies (Tools > Frc > Attach WPILib JARs as Dependency)
  • Easy attachment of the User Lib directory as dependencies (Tools > Frc > Attach User Lib Directory as Dependency)
  • Some code cleanup and minor improvements

  • Initial beta release of plugin
  • FRC Facet
  • RioLog monitoring
  • Basic FRC templates
  • Auto discovery of FRC projects to auto add FRC Facet