Teamscale Intellij Plugin

The plugin update is pending JetBrains approval
Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider MPS Android Studio
Oct 18, 2018
Teamscale Plugin for Intellij Platform

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Recent change notes

Fixes for Pre-Commit Feature:
  • User selection in staging dialog box now honoured
  • Navigation from ordinary & pre-commit findings to file works
  • Pre-Commit findings shown for the first time after analysis
  • UnsupportedOperationException while preparing pre-commit results
  • Re-arranged main and context menu items
  • Improved appearance of pre-commit staging dialog

General usage instructions

Configure a Teamscale Server

  • Click through the path Teamscale menu > Configure Plugin ...

  • Add server name, URL, username and access key. Then validate connection.

  • Click Apply and Ok

Enable Plugin for IDE

Click Teamscale menu > Fetch findings from Teamcale server. Ensure that this menu is checked.

Map IntelliJ Project to Teamscale Project

Click Teamscale menu > Configure Teamscale ...

Expand the Teamscale node and click Project Mappings

  • Check the Enable Teamscale quality analysis for project checkbox.

  • Specify server and project names. The project should already exists on Teamscale server.

  • Create mappings by clicking the button Auto-create Prefix Mappings

  • Click Apply and Ok.