ReasonML language plugin

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Jan 18, 2018
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Reason language plugin.

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Recent change notes

For all the changes, go to github CHANGELOG

To see how to integrate reason tools (bsc, refmt), go to the website.

version 0.35
  • Fix an infinite loop in PsiModule
  • Improve parsers
version 0.34
  • Fix a NPE with the folding code when comments are too small
  • Fix #28, maybe
  • Fix #25, minimal support for .ml4 files
version 0.33
  • Fix #22
  • Fix #21
version 0.32
  • Updated notification message when bsb not found
  • Improve lexer
  • Implements 'go to' for Open expression (simple case)
version 0.31
  • val expressions (OCaml) are displayed in the structure view
  • Exceptions are displayed in the structure view
  • Incorrect handling of characters in parser
  • Improve OCaml parser