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Mar 14, 2019
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Support for Vue.js projects. Getting started
  • Open your Vue.js project.
  • Make sure you have Vue.js listed in your project dependencies in package.json and it is installed.
  • Now, you will get Vue-specific code completion, navigation, and many other features in .vue files.
  • Completion for components, directives, props and methods in templates
  • Navigation from the component, directives and event handlers to their definition
  • Coding assistance for different languages inside template, script and style tags in .vue files
  • Extract component and rename component refactorings
  • Collection of code snippets for Vue.js
  • Create new projects from the IDE Welcome screen using Vue CLI
Learn more about Vue.js support in the IDE documentation. Limitations The IDE uses its own TypeScript support instead of the TypeScript language service inside the script tag in .vue files: WEB-33130.

General usage instructions

Support includes:

  • Code completion in the script, style and template blocks in .vue files (supported languages include: ES6, TypeScript, HTML, Pug, CSS, Sass, SCSS, Less).
  • Support for the Vue template syntax.