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Apr 27, 2018
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Plugin for LaTeX and BibTeX support in IntelliJ, featuring:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete of labels, (custom defined) commands and environments
  • Writer ergonomics - writing LaTeX made less cumbersome
  • Run configurations for LaTeX and BibTeX (pdfLaTeX, bibtex)
  • Inspections. Intentions. And heaps more inspections.
  • Full BibTeX support
  • Formatter for LaTeX and BibTeX
  • Structure view for LaTeX and BibTeX with filters
  • Code folding for imports, sections, and environments
  • SumatraPDF support with forward and backward search
  • Unicode math preview
  • Gutter icons for quick compilation and file includes
  • Fancy icons that fit in with the IntelliJ style
  • Brace matching
  • Word counting tool
  • File templates for .tex, .sty, .cls and .bib files
  • Automagically import packages of common commands
  • Go to declaration of labels
  • Shortcuts for styling text
  • Line commenter
  • Support for user-created document classes and packages
  • Toggle star action
  • Words of encouragement

All critique, questions, suggestions, requests, bug reports, kudos, and (non-)creative ideas are welcome on the plugin's GitHub page. If you want to directly chat with us, take a peek at the project's gitter.

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Recent change notes

Beta 0.6

A new release of TeXiFy IDEA, with a smaller number of additions but with a big number of crash fixes.

We thank everyone who submitted issues and provided feedback to make TeXiFy IDEA better. Your input is valuable and well appreciated.


  • Added Create File quick fix for the file not found inspection. (#421)


  • MissingDocumentclass and MissingDocumentEnvironment inspections are now disabled by default.
  • Single quotes will not trigger automatic brace insertion anymore for sub- and superscripts. (#495)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed invalid range in LeftRightParenthesesIntention.
  • Fixed 2018.1 versioning issues. (#483, #484)
  • Sumatra native library fix. (#443)
  • Fixed \dots requiring amsmath whilst it should not. (#426)
  • Fixed crashes. (#386, #415, #423, #427, #447, #454, #466, #493)

Full list of releases available on the GitHub releases page.