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Nov 16, 2018
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Plugin for LaTeX and BibTeX support in IntelliJ, featuring:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete of labels, (custom defined) commands and environments
  • Writer ergonomics - writing LaTeX made less cumbersome
  • Compiler support for pdfLaTeX, LuaTeX, Latexmk, bibtex, and biber
  • Inspections. Intentions. And heaps more inspections
  • Full BibTeX support
  • Formatter for LaTeX and BibTeX
  • Structure view for LaTeX and BibTeX with filters
  • Code folding for imports, sections, and environments
  • SumatraPDF support with forward and backward search
  • Unicode math preview
  • Gutter icons for quick compilation and file includes
  • Fancy icons that fit in with the IntelliJ style
  • Brace matching
  • Word counting tool
  • File templates for .tex, .sty, .cls and .bib files
  • Automagically import packages of common commands
  • Go to declaration of labels
  • Shortcuts for styling text
  • Line commenter
  • Support for user-created document classes and packages
  • Toggle star action
  • Words of encouragement

All critique, questions, suggestions, requests, bug reports, kudos, and (non-)creative ideas are welcome on the plugin's GitHub page. If you want to directly chat with us, take a peek at the project's gitter.

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Recent change notes


  • Added setting to ignore auto-insertion of \item. (#722)
  • Added setting to enable/disable automatic brace insertion for sub and super scripts. (#605)
  • Added date to package file template. (#647)
  • Added autocompletion for default and provided classes. (#725)
  • Added support for BibTeX on non-Windows systems. (#645)
  • Added biber support. (#507)
  • Added option to disable the out directory. (#728)
  • Added LuaTeX as a compiler option. (#738)
  • Added Latexmk as a compiler option. (#755)
  • Added support for natbib citation commands. (#743)
  • Added plugin icon. (#749)


  • SumatraPDF will no longer steal focus after compilation when SumatraPDF is already running. (#723)
  • No new BibTeX runconfig is being linked when a BibTeX runconfig is removed from a LaTeX one. (#723)
  • Updated CTAN package list.
  • Registered tikz-files. (#595)
  • Changed internal organisation of utilities. (#726)
  • Made automatic brace insertion for sub and super scripts more strict. (#730)
  • Changed bibtex working directory when auxil is not used. (#732)
  • Removed auxil and out options for non-Windows systems. (#732)
  • Enhanced formatting of labels and file names. (#734)
  • Added amsmath as dependency for the equation* environment. (#744)
  • Collapse cite inspection now works for all registered citation commands and only works when commands are equal. (#751)


  • Removed split* from the equation list. (#744)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed auxil path being visible in BibTeX run configurations. (#732)
  • Fixed some indexed commands not getting fetched correctly when they requested without slash. (#731)
  • Fixed bib entries not being recognised when a similar tex/sty/cls file exists. (#612)
  • Fixed unresolved reference inspection not taking stars and optional arguments into account when highlighting. (#751)
  • Fixed crash. (#602)