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Oct 13, 2018
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IntelliJ solidity support

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Recent change notes


  • Fix super and var resolving, thanks @0v1se
  • Import file completion, thanks @0v1se
  • Resolve for constructors and constructor parameters, thanks @0v1se
  • Resolve for constructors, thanks @0v1se
  • Inspection to catch possible errors when function doesn't return a result, thanks @0v1se. The inspection can be enabled in Editor->Inspections->Solidity->No return statement. Let us know what you think!
  • Completion for function names, thanks @indegro
  • Completion for event names after emit keyword, thanks @indegro
  • Support underscored in numeric literals for upcoming solidity 0.5.0
  • Multiple grammar fixes
  • Make contracts collapsable, thanks @mbolotov
  • Resolve imports from ethpm folder, thanks @quantum13
  • Additional options for solc, thanks @mbolotov
  • Support "address payable" for upcoming solidity 0.5.0

General usage instructions

This plugin is in alpha stage. Please report any issues you find.