Compatible with Android Studio
Apr 11, 2017
FixDroid is an Android Studio plugin. As long as FixDroid is installed, it will keep providing you with helpful security alerts, explanations and quick fixes whenever possible. It will be updated periodically to add new features and fix software bugs. While FixDroid is installed, it will send pseudonymized usage data to its developer Duc Cuong Nguyen, which, in an aggregated form, may be used in his research. FixDroid exceptions will be transmitted as well. This data is securely transferred using HTTPS and stored on our servers in encrypted form. No information about the content of the source code you write will be transferred. FixDroid may ask you for feedback every once in a while. While FixDroid hopefully helps you keeping your apps more secure, we do not make any security guarantees and you use it at your own risk. You agree to these terms by using FixDroid and void your consent by uninstalling FixDroid. Thank you for using FixDroid! If you have any immediate feedback, please email Visit for more details.

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Recent change notes

v1.2.1 Balance study participants' conditions.
v1.2.0 Asking email address to contact.
v1.1.9 Compatible with Android Studio 2.3.
v1.1.8 Add more checks for security tool tips.
v1.1.7 Fix bug unhandled exceptions.
v1.1.6 Fix bug unhandled exceptions.
v1.1.5 Fix bug duplicated questions.
v1.1.4 Fix bug non-ascii path on Windows.
v1.1.3 handle unexpected exceptions.
v1.1.2 handle unexpected exceptions.
v1.1 fix performant bugs.