AppDynamics Android Agent Installer

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 03, 2019
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AppDynamics Mobile Real User Monitoring (RUM) enables you to optimize and gain greater visibility into the end-user experience of your mobile application.

Using Mobile RUM you can:
  • Track mobile user sessions in real-time and understand the business impact of mobile app performance on your KPIs.
  • Identify and resolve crashes and errors quickly and efficiently.
  • Gain accurate user insights and visibility into every user and their mobile application activity.
  • Discover business transactions to provide mobile application to back-end application dependencies by using Mobile RUM with AppDynamics APM.
  • Observe and analyze the network requests from your mobile app.

About the Plugin

This plugin is a lightweight utility employing a wizard to obtain the basic information needed to instrument your application and then injects changes to your Gradle build configuration and instrumentation initialization into your application code.

When Not to Use the Plugin

If you have already instrumented your application, don’t use the plugin. Instead, consider customizing your instrumentation with the Android SDK.

Learn More

For general information about our Mobile product, see Mobile Real-User Monitoring. For explicit instructions on installing and using the Android plugin, see the Android Agent Plugin tutorial.

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Recent change notes

Various bug fixes and enhancements. Fixed compatibility with Android Studio 3.2.1