Vaadin Designer

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA MPS Android Studio
Nov 07, 2018
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Vaadin Designer allows you to visually design user interfaces for your Vaadin applications. It creates an HTML file with your design, and helps with the integration to your Vaadin Flow UI. Vaadin Designer enables fast collaboration between designers and developers.

This version of Vaadin Designer supports designing for the Vaadin platform.

In addition, Vaadin Framework 8 is also supported.

Documentation and tutorials are on our documentation site:

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Recent change notes

New in 4.0

Use redesigned Palette, Properties and Outline views to be more productive with Vaadin Designer.

Full release notes available in

Changes in 4.0.0.beta1
  • New Outline, Palette and Properties are used by default.
  • Property editor commits value on enter pressing.
  • Outline connection icon is shown for newly added element.
  • Style element is hidden from Outline.
  • Drag from Palette to Outline is available.
  • Support reordering inside Outline.

General usage instructions

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