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Mar 26, 2017
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Plugin provides possibility to create several UI profiles for different screen resolutions and easily toggle between them.
This plugin will be useful for Linux users with several displays of different resolutions.

To start using this plugin:
1) Set up all the fonts sizes in your IDE. Plugin supports:
  • Default system font size;
  • Editor font size;
  • Console font size.
Then go to Settings > Appearance & Behavior > HDPI profiles > Add current profile and save your profile.

2) Toggle between profiles in main menu "HIDPI profiles"

Download plugin

Recent change notes

Version 2017.1.1:
  • Support for Intellij IDEA 2017.1 and above
Version 2016.3.1:
  • Support for Intellij IDEA 2016.2 and 2016.3
Version 0.0.1:
  • Initial release

General usage instructions

First setup desired font sizes. Go to Settings > Appearance & Behavior > HIDPI profiles > Add current profile. Give it a name and push "Save". Then you can toggle between profiles in main menu "HIDPI profiles". Note: plugin stores only default system font size, editor font size and console font size.