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This plugin extends IntelliJ platform with Go-specific coding assistance and tool integrations, and has everything you could find in Gogland.

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Recent change notes

Gogland EAP 11 is out.

We’ve changed the way Gogland indexes libraries inside GOPATH:
non-Go files are now ignored,which, depending on your workspace,
might make indexing up to twice as fast.

The refactorings family now includes two more members:
Extract a Constant and Inline a Constant.

Annoying issues fixed:

  • Create Function quick-fix sometimes created functions in a
    wrong source package
  • The binary wasn't retained in the output directory after the
    RunConfiguration finished
  • The Debugger stuck on Evaluating when after clicking
    View to see full content of a variable
  • VCS commits occurring before the Go fmt option (in the
    Before Commit section) has finished its work

Also, the update brings the new platform features from
IntelliJ Platform 2017.2.