JBehave Syntax Support

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Apr 10, 2017
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IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for JBehave This plugin provides some support for JBehave.

Highlights (v1.6 and up)

  • Supports IntelliJ 2016.1 and up
  • Basic completion suggestions for Given Stories
  • Added support for Lifecycle keywords
  • Improved recognition of GivenStories type and text in a story

It is a fork of Jbehave Support, adapted and updated by Bert Van Vlerken and Victor Rosenberg.
See https://github.com/witspirit/IntelliJBehave
JBehaveSupport in turn is a fork of IntelliJBehave, originally created by Aman Kumar.
See https://github.com/kumaraman21/IntelliJBehave/wiki
JBehave Syntax Support will aim to support IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 and up and try to improve on features
which come from using JBehave on a daily basis. Incorporated changes from fork https://github.com/hobbitProg/IntelliJBehave
to support Kotlin 1.0.4. JBehave Support had retained most of the original code, but had several improvements been incorporated by various contributors:

And others.

JBehave icon comes from https://github.com/jbehave/jbehave-eclipse/blob/master/org.jbehave.eclipse/icons/bdd-jb-orange-red-green.png .

The plugin provides the following features:

  • Basic syntax highlighting for JBehave story files
  • Jump to step definition in Java or Groovy
  • Error Highlighting in story if step was not defined
  • Create new story files from a configurable story template
  • Comment/uncomment lines in story files
  • Code inspections to report unused steps definitions and undefined step usages
  • Run *.story files
  • Finding usages of steps methods

Known limitations:

  • Searches complete module classpath, no configuration available to limit scope
  • Does not take into account any custom JBehave configuration
Release notes:

New in version 1.62:

  • In reference to issue #2, added completion suggestions for Lifecycle keywords.
  • Added Lifecycle keywords to the Colors & Fonts settings page, so one can set highlighting for these keywords.
  • In a first attempt for issue #1, added basic support for completion of Given Stories; This first implementation searches for story files within the module path, including dependencies and libraries and return the list of found files as suggestions. It assumes story files are found within the 'resources' folder.

New in version 1.61-b:

  • Fix for issue #2, added recognition of Lifecycle keywords.

New in version 1.61:

  • Updated Localized Lexer to handle GivenStories in a story
  • Added GivenStories type and GivenStories text to the highlighter and added them to the Colors & Fonts settings page for JBehave
  • Changed highlighting of Meta keyword and tags

New in version 1.6:

  • Java 1.8
  • Ready for IntelliJ 2016 and up (use JbehaveSupport for 2015 and earlier)

New in version 1.5:

  • Ability to find usages of a step method
  • Inspections speed has been increased
  • JBehave icon has been updated

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Recent change notes

Version 1.62 released. Added completion suggestions for Lifecycle keywords Added Lifecycle keywords to JBehave Colors & Fonts page Added basic support for completion of Given Stories