Mainframer Integration

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Jan 17, 2019
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This plugin makes integration with Mainframer tool easy and seamless.

Plugin uses IntelliJ IDEA run configuration mechanism, especially it takes advantage of before run tasks, to replace standard build tasks with the one using mainframer.

In addition it provides new run configuration type to run mainframer tasks.


  • Before Make tasks which delegate tasks to mainframer
  • Injecting/Restoring before tasks to all configurations
  • Configuring mainframer in project
  • Custom run configuration for mainframer

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Recent change notes

Release 1.0.3: Add initial support for windows
Release 1.0.2: Fix for release script
Relaase 1.0.1: Migrate to gradle-script-kotlin
Release 1.0.0: Highlight errors from remote compilation + quick turn on/off
Release 0.3.7: Optimization and cosmetic fixes.
Release 0.3.2: Settings provider is now project scoped. Fix not replacing existing configurations when selected.
Release 0.3.1: Fix bug with focusing tab on each output change.
Release 0.3.0: Remove actions injecting and restoring all before run tasks. Add machine name in settings. Minor bugs fixes.
Release 0.2.4: Add configurations select dialog to override existing mainframer tasks.
Release 0.2.3: Add support for remote machine configuration and validation for task's configuration.
Release 0.2.2: Fixing minor problems + refactoring.
Release 0.2.0: Add general settings for before tasks.
Release 0.0.11: Refactor injecting before tasks feature.
Release 0.0.1: Initial release.