IntelliJ uroboroSQL Formatter

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Apr 12, 2017
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IntelliJ uroboroSQL Formatter

UroboroSQL Formatter is often used in enterprise systems, For formatting to a highly maintainable style even for very long SQL (1 K step or more) It is a plug-in of IntelliJ IDEA.

In particular, in countries where English is not their mother tongue, such as Japan, comments may be included in SELECT clauses. In that case, we will align the vertical position of the AS clause and the comment, pursuing the viewability which can be said as artistic anymore, This was developed to realize this automatically.

How to use

Use Alt + Shift + L on Windows, Cmd + Ctrl + L on OS X to format currently active document.

The following options can be selected by the Preferences dialog.

  • Convert reserved words and identifiers to upper case
  • Using backslash escape sequences
  • Comment syntax type(uroboroSQL or DOMA2)

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Recent change notes

Enabled formatting of selected text.