Compatible with: PyCharm CLion
Jun 17, 2017
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PUTVT Python Unit Tests Visualization Tool

This plugin is used for loading files with the logs of Pytest or Python failures/tracebacks and then visualizing them in the editor. This plugin also provides a Dependency Graph

Here are listed the actions, which will appear in the tools menu in IDE:

  • Load and Visualize log .txt: A windows will appear where if the file containing the logs is selected and then the Editor of the IDE is used for visualizing/highlighting the lines.
  • Clear current View: Clears the view for the current opened tab, after refreshing the visualization will be redrawn.
  • Stop visualization: Stops the visualization for all the files, keeping the settings, but not the so far visualized data.
  • Visualize console logs:Visualizes the logs from the internal IntelliJ console log. Logs are visualized, if any errors happened and are drawn when the editor tabs are opened/reopened.
  • Listen for external jars:Listens for external logs, which can be send through a UDP protocol on port 9876 as 1024 bit words. These are then visualized.

Here are listed the actions which can be used on the Dependency Graph window.

  • Visualize coverage: Creates a dependency Graph visualizing the actual coverage for all the modules (python files) of the project. The nodes are differently colorized according to their code coverage.
  • Reset view: Resets the view of the visualized graph - changes the focus.
  • Clean canvas: Cleans the canvas and reoves the entire visualization

Recent change notes

Added fix for relationservice error, should fix it.