K2 E-Shop Integration

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Dec 20, 2017
This plugin enables custom functionality used in our company when developing our eshop.
You can click-through file references in the GetTemplate function, and use file completion for all the files.
Various other useful features, such as translation assistance, are also implemented.

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Recent change notes

1.6: GetTemplate fix for non-concatenated expressions
1.5: Translate targets concrete translations, GetTemplate works with suffixes
1.4: Translate function has references to all files with specified translation
1.3: Translate function shows both standard and special translations properly
1.2: GetTemplate fix for Windows users, Translate function shows translations
1.1: Code completion of phtml files in the GetTemplate function
1.0: Enables references to phtml files from the GetTemplate function