Mattermost Chat Plugin

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Dec 05, 2017
This Plugins is a simple team/chat integration for a application. This plugin is still under development and there are a lot of features that can be implemented. For now you can chat on single user channels.

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Recent change notes

  • added: slack hex color recognition, fixed: wrong line wrapping
  • fixed: mentions is sometimes a string instead of an array
  • upgraded websocket client lib to 1.3.6
  • support for slack colors
  • recognize more slack, fixed processing of string post data
  • setting for http/https
  • create direct channel when none was found, first change to api v4, set v3 as deprecated
  • make slack attachment more prominent with utf8 box character
  • more info messages on the websocket
  • fixed: npe
  • fixed: websockets are not reusable
  • reconnect websocket on connection loss, catch any exception in timer thread
  • print slack attachments
  • compose posts, display emoji
  • first draft, display user list with status and print messages