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Dec 15, 2018
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Fortran language support
The plugin supports FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90, FORTRAN 95, FORTRAN 2003 and FORTRAN 2008 source code. Several nonstandard extensions are also supported. Lexer, parser, syntax highlighter, debugger, commenter, formatter, folding, navigation, structure view, brace matcher and some inspections are provided.

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Adequate module resolving in use statements

General usage instructions

To start work with your Fortran project use New > Project from existing sources action. In CLion it is also possible to load CMake based projects, see instruction. Example of Fortran project build with CMake can be found here. Using CMake project in CLion allows you to compile, run and debug(via GDB) project from the IDE. Fortran run configuration should be used for debugging.

Fortran source files might be in two forms: free form and fixed form. For now some features are available only for free form. The plugin differs source forms by the file extension. .f and .for files are handled as fixed form source files while .f90, .f95, .f03 and .f08 files are in free source form. One can easily change this settings. Please, visit File Types Help for further detail.