Compatible with AppCode
Jan 04, 2018
Convert Objective-C code to Swift right from AppCode
  • Start Swift projects based on existing Objective-C source without rewriting from scratch
  • Increase user base for your libraries and components
  • Provide Swift documentation and samples for your Objective-C libraries
  • Reduce technical debt
  • It's a great way for your developers to learn Swift
  • AppCode's extensibility makes it a perfect IDE for migrating your Objective-C projects to Swift gradually, on a per-file basis
What's new in Swiftify 1.1.2
  • Automatically add a reference to the converted .swift file to the Xcode project file.
  • Automatically select the resulting .swift file in the AppCode files window.

    Download plugin

    General usage instructions

    Install the plugin in AppCode using the AppCode -> Preferences -> Plugins dialog. Click on “Browse repositories” then search "Swiftify". Use the Tools -> Swiftify menu (or code editor / file context menus) to convert selection or whole file(s). Visit https://objectivec2swift.com/#/appcode-plugin/ to obtain your free API key.