Android Develop Templates

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
May 24, 2017
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Android Develop Templates
Android Develop Templates is an Android code template management plugin, you can develop the page, component template code, and then generate the same code you need.

How to add a code using a template: Google Doc

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Settings>Other Settings>Template Manager
  3. Configure Source, click Refresh to get the available templates
  4. Select the template and download, restart the IDE
  5. In the Android project, click the File> New menu or right click on the Project window to display the templates.
An example of a template source: Templates

Android Develop Templates是一个Android代码模版管理插件,你可以通过已开发的页面、组件模版代码,生成自己需要的相关代码。

如何使用模版添加代码:Google Doc


  1. 安装插件
  2. Settings>Other Settings>Template Manager
  3. 配置Source(模版源),点击Refresh获取可用模版
  4. 选择模版并下载,重启IDE
  5. 在Android项目中,通过File > New菜单或在Project窗口中点击右键,即出现相应模版
一个模版源的示例: Templates

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Recent change notes

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