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Oct 16, 2018
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Press ALT + M (default hot key) to active AceJumpChar
Press ALT + M twice to active AceJumpWord

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General usage instructions

Simplify from `emacsIDEAs` and add some custom options.
- can choose move caret behind the target char or before
- painting background on plugin active
- display markers by upper case
- custom markers
- background color and opacity
- font style: bold/plain
- 增加光标移动到目标字符后面的选项
- 激活插件就渲染背景,增加反馈,提高体验
- 增加选项:转换所有标记为大写
- 可以自定义标记符号
- 增加背景颜色和透明度自定义
- 增加字体样式选项,可以选择粗体或者常规