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Mar 05, 2019
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  • Most Features are free to use
  • Generate mybatis crud code by Intellij database table or add a database connection
  • Generate mybatis sql based on mybatis interface method name like spring data jpa, with this, you don't have to write most sql for non join query support generate statement with if test

  • Database generate crud could generate multiple times when you add or delete columns, plugin will auto merge code
  • Full mybatis sql auto complete, recognize mybatis tag in xml, like where trim set include ect,provide sql completion after those tag
  • Jump from mybatis dao interface to mapper xml each other

  • Refactor for mybatis interface method name,refid,resultMap ect

  • Auto complete for mybatis param,if test,foreach,resultMap,refid in sql

  • Generate mybatis crud and create table sql according to java class
  • Jump from refid resultMap to their definition, refactor their name as well

  • Generate page query by mapper interface method

  • Spring support for mybatis, inject mybatis mapper to spring bean,support SpringBoot

  • Mybatis mapper sql auto completion

  • Generate mybatis generator sample xml file

  • Could run mybatis generator base on xml file

  • Refid,resultMap,keyProperty,property auto complete
  • Add param for mapper method with one click

  • Generate mybatis mapper testcase from mybatis interface method by database connection, make you test mapper method quicker

  • Full inspection for mybatis, like unused sql in xml, mapper method not have sql in xml, check if resultMap property is right ect

  • Support MySQL+Oracle+Sqlite+postgresql+sqlserver

  • to learn more.

How to use

  • alt+insert (generate mybatis files) on domain class to update mybatis files when domain class add field (ctrl+N on mac)
  • alt+enter on dao interface method to generate mybatis mapper sql
  • alt+insert (generate mybatis files) on domain class to generate mybatis files (ctrl+N on mac)
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  • qqGroup:542735979

Recent change notes

  • [IMPROVE]generate java class support lombok Serializable ect
  • [IMPROVE]generate testcase will auto config typeAlias
  • [IMPROVE]support findAllByXXX ect
  • [IMPROVE]database generate crud choose not generate jdbcType
  • [IMPROVE]mybatis configuration file mapper resource auto complete
  • [FIX]java to select provider will use current module and dependency
  • [IMPROVE]better performance for typeAlias support
  • [FIX]mybatis datasource use java8 localDate ect not function
  • [NEW]database could generate batchInsert,batchUpdate ect
  • [IMPROVE]add file header when database generate curd like @author
  • [IMPROVE]findByXXIn will use Collection as param instead of List
  • [IMPROVE]database regenerate model will ignore transient field and it's getter and setter
  • [IMPROVE]springboot typealias support
  • [IMPROVE]xml inspection on resultMap resultType parameterType ect
  • [IMPROVE]sql param auto complete in multiple foreach tag
  • [IMPROVE]regenerate service will merge content
  • [IMPROVE]update delete count could use if test when using method name generate sql
  • [IMPROVE]findByAll generate use domain entity as param
  • [IMPROVE]generate testcase could use database from intellij and history
  • [FIX]fix exception when using typealias
  • [NEW]database generate crud could add batchInsert, batchUpdate, InsertOnDuplicate methods
  • [IMPROVE]support multiple xml with same namespace when using methodName generate sql
  • [FIX]fix oracle param auto complete exception
  • [IMPROVE]better format when using method name generate sql
  • [FIX]fix mybatis generator regenerate toString equal hashCode not overwrite
  • [FIX]possible exception fix
  • [IMPROVE]method generate sql will escape sql keywords
  • [IMPROVE]mybatis generator mapper suffix could configure
  • [New]quick execute mybatis sql from sql statement
  • [IMPROVE]java generate crud could use other module path
  • [IMPROVE]support collection array no param auto complete
  • [IMPROVE]auto escape sql keywords for tk mapper and mybatisplus
  • [IMPROVE]method name generate sql could use select get query alias ect
  • [FIX]generate test case database url use utc instead of local time zone
  • [New]use mybatis generator for multiple table generate
  • [IMPROVE]tk mapper could config is super class
  • [NEW]use mybatis generator could generate service
  • [IMPROVE]auto complete for when statement and resultMap jdbcType
  • [IMPROVE]resultMap and refId provide complete from other mybatis file
  • [FIX]oracle using with tk mapper column annotation using ' not recognized
  • [NEW]mybatis sql tag auto complete for columns
  • [NEW]resultMap column auto complete based on property name
  • [NEW]could add schema name to table name
  • [FIX]oracle date type with jdbcType date instead of timeStamp
  • [New]database generate crud support common mapper and mybatisPlus
  • [FIX]indexNotReady exception when generate testcase
  • [FIX]mapper definition search threading exception
  • [FIX]method name generate sql possible exception
  • [IMPROVE]when database contains too many table, connect to database very snow
  • [IMPROVE]better ui for setting page
  • [IMPROVE]mybatis spring support * and ** wildcard
  • [New]method name generate sql support common mapper and mybatisPlus new and old version
  • [IMPROVE]sql param auto complete with jdbcType
  • [FIX]postgresql numeric with no length should use bigDecimal instead of short
  • [IMPROVE]make domain class comment better
  • [IMPROVE]findByLike will add % to it
  • [FIX]possible bug when using ctrl+alt+b to jump to xml
  • [IMPROVE]jump to mapper interface after database generate crud
  • [NEW]support add swagger annotation when database generate crud
  • [NEW]could use ctrl+alt+b to jump from mapper method to xml
  • [New]could jump from resultMap property to java field
  • [IMPROVE]auto detect table generated key when database generate crud
  • [IMPROVE]jump to mapper interface after database generate crud
  • [FIX]exception when use alt+enter generate method xml
  • [IMPROVE]auto add delimter when database generate crud
  • [IMPROVE]support mybatis annotation string concat inject sql language
  • [FIX]possible file not update when generate class already exist
  • [IMPROVE]java generate crud better ui
  • [NEW]customize fields when database generate curd javaType could auto complete
  • recognize mybatis tag in xml, like where trim update ect,provide sql completion after those tag
  • could generate java class for database table
  • generate sql column list base on database table
  • better support for generate page query in mybatis interface method
  • support findByTrue findByFalse for method name generate sql
  • if test completion support list check size and string check empty
  • when use mybatis generator when database, support implement Serializable
  • fix java generate crud just ignore static fields
  • auto inject sql language to mybatis annotation sql statement
  • add mybatis annotation param auto complete
  • support if test on string check null and empty
  • generate all properties base on resultMap type collection javaType ect
  • mybatis annotation sql could auto complete
  • fix some bug
  • use database to generate crud support java8 localDateTimeEct
  • could generate java class and resultMap from xml sql
  • fix log4j class loader bug
  • fix bug with spring using @MapperScan not recognized
  • fix some user might need to reactivate when they change mac address
  • better support for multiple module project
  • fix generate test on multiple module project
  • show user expire date on setting
  • fix postgresql insert statement serial type should not insert primay key
  • fix generate test for mybaits annotation
  • fix method generate sql table name stay the same format
  • could use method name insertList,insertSelective to generate query
  • fix possible null pointer
  • fix using intellij database to generate crud code, mysql dateTime jdbcType is Date instead of TimeStamp
  • database generate crud package name could auto complete
  • fix using intellij database to generate crud code, mysql bigInt the default java type is Integer


  • fix setting not apply after intellij restart


  • better icon
  • database generate support lombok, mapperAnnotation
  • fix bug when using alt+enter on method name
  • improve generate page statement
  • support postgresql for java generate crud code
  • fix checkbox can't select problem
  • improve generate testcase from mybatis mapper
  • improve generate page query from mybatis mapper


  • better indexer
  • generate page query for mybatis method


  • add code inspection for xml result map
  • support more for xml auto complete
  • could use mybatis on Intellij Ultimate database
  • bug fix


  • fix spring integration for 2018.1
  • fix resultMap property auto complete
  • fix check result map warning


  • bug fix


  • could customize when using database to generate
  • support param auto complete
  • better ui from qq group user
  • add support for spring could recognize mapper mapperScan annotation ect


  • generate testcase by one click
  • still show database when can't connect
  • offline activation support
  • unbind support
  • fix no need to focus on table to use mybatis generator
  • other bug fix


  • fix mysql using mybatis generator xml using database name


  • add database support for sqlserver and oracle 10g and mysql8.0
  • fix BaseColumnList duplicate generate
  • fix update when xml has comments
  • using project scope instead of module scope
  • support annotation like insertProvider ect


  • support extend on resultMap
  • add database support oracle and postgresql
  • better ui for using mybatis generator on database
  • import param class
  • fix possible bug


  • bug fix


  • fix qq group id
  • bug fix


  • could jump direct from java class to mapper
  • add param annotation for mybatis mapper
  • update charset to uft8mb4
  • fix findByLike problem


  • mybatis generator using database comment
  • fix error when generate mybatis generator xml file
  • fix use project scope when user use mybatis generator
  • support when one mapper to multiple xml


  • remember user config path
  • add keymap to jump from java to xml and xml to java
  • user could config using project or module search scope
  • fix encoding problem when using with mybatis generator


  • xml not find in method using warn instead of error
  • support add jdbcType when update java class field
  • generate mybatis generator file one click
  • fix like problem


  • fix thread assertion bug
  • mybatis generate not change dao file
  • fix java dateTime jdbcType


  • fix inspection for check mybatis xml not used


  • support bind on mac address on device register
  • fix order by with multiple field
  • fix display probelm on mac when generate files
  • fix exception on intellij on 1.7.3
  • add override when generate service impl
  • add scroll panel for generate by datasource
  • delete multiple unused xml fast


  • generate service add override annotation
  • find first n return list
  • import java class package when generate service interface


  • better method name auto complete
  • fix connect to sql database
  • fix jdbcType for long
  • better way to choose package
  • find one not generate on limit
  • support using transient


  • fix icon in xml miss
  • support more from field comment
  • support change icon
  • generate with jdbcType


  • fix bug service interface import page
  • could generate comment from field comment
  • use better icon
  • support language like updateIncVersion


  • fix bug when generate method xml in service


  • support findWithPage
  • support to configure mapper prefix


  • support sqlite
  • oracle support multiple column index,multiple column unique


  • support generate if test
  • support generate in service and service interface
  • support multiple column index,multiple column unique
  • support generate on function
  • support generate dto when find more than one field
  • not using pojo as default param


  • support with enum type


  • fix exception when start up


  • support multiple method xml generate
  • support for mybatis plus
  • support domain class with protected field and static field
  • support for small resolution
  • bugfix - fix can't generate to path


  • bugfix - fix Could not initialize class com.ccnode.codegenerator.freemarker.b


  • bugfix - oralce insertList
  • bugfix - import issue


  • add support for oracle
  • config use generate key
  • auto complete for resultMap,refid,keyProperty,property
  • support with java.sql.Timestamp java.sql.Date java.sql.Time Enum LocalDateTime LocalDate
  • support update field with insertSelective
  • add new icon of mybatis jump to xml ect


  • add index column and hasDefault column when generate mybatis files
  • jump from refid resultMap to their definition in mybatis xml. could refactor as well
  • could refactor method name in xml
  • add insertSelective when generate mybatis files
  • generate for greaterThanOrEqualTo and lessThanOrEqualTo and betweenOrEqualTo
  • add configuration to use with @Mapper
  • fix not null issue for find module - bug fix


  • add support for unsigned type, small int.
  • check for using object type instead of primitive type
  • support more auto completion for sql
  • double type support - bug fix
  • update field exception -bug fix