Gradle/Maven Navigation

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA CLion Android Studio
Jul 22, 2018
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Open our customized popup dialog and choose from a variety of context-sensitive destinations, including tree nodes, goals, and tasks. For each destination choose from context-sensitive actions such as go, open, run, and debug.

Say goodbye to bland popup menus and fatigue invoking nested trees. You can configure options under Settings/Appearance/Gradle Navigation. Make sure to assign to the popup command to a convenient, unused function key!

Supported Technologies

Gradle, Maven, Android, IntelliJ, JPA, Babel, Webpack, NPM


Destination Popup A popup window is also provided with buttons to either go to tasks or groups in the Gradle tree, or run tasks directly. You can easily customize the content and order of items in the popup.
The navigation popup now includes links to various project and module settings, along with Android resource directories, the Maven project tree, and Maven POM files (if they exist in conventional locations)

Menu Items - The Gradle/Maven Navigation Plugin for IntelliJ adds additional features to the standard Gradle and Maven plugin. You can now swivel between the source editor, the project view, and the Gradle view. A custom popup displays common destinations and user configured tasks and groups. Commands are added to various context menus in the Project Tree, Gradle Tree, and Editor Window.

Goto Gradle/Maven - project, task, or group

Goto Project - gradle settings or build, source root, or resource root

Gradle Users: This plugin works for both single-project and multi-project Gradle builds.

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Recent change notes

  • feature: Update Gradle icon to match IJ 2018.2
  • feature: Add 'In Terminal' navigation action

General usage instructions

After installing the plugin, commands will be added to various context menus.