Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Nov 29, 2017
Plugin that adds various features supporting development for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Check out the Documentation section for a guide on how to get started. Or take a look at the Features provided by IntelliJ AEM.

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Recent change notes

  • Added support for universally applicable properties such as sling:resourceType to code completion and inspections
  • Added code completion for principal names and privileges provided by AEM
  • Added basic code completion and refactoring support for OSGi configurations
  • Renaming an AEM component now also renames matching script files.
  • Fixed issue resulting in "Missing required property" errors in XML-based languages such as HTML
  • Fixed handling in cases where property's required type is Undefined
  • Fixed issue where workspace coverage inspection's message was shown twice
  • Fixed renaming of AEM component when resource type is used in Handlebars file

General usage instructions

Please see the
Documentation on our website for instructions on how to get started.