Connector for AWS Lambda

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Nov 25, 2017
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View and update functions powered by AWS Lambda with JAR-artifact.
Please read more about AWS Lambda
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Recent change notes

Run function tests. Load from json-files inputs for function tests. Changed the layout, added tabs and a toolbar. Saved last selected functions and JAR-artifacts. Removed actions from the Tools menu. Added a tab with an operation log. Added a list of profile - profiles from credentials file can be loaded (with a specified region, if exists in credentials file, not in config file). Use command "aws configure --profile YOUR-PROFILE-NAME" to create a profile.

General usage instructions

Install AWS CLI and configure credentials for the user with permits to administer AWS Lambda functions. Install plugin. Open a project with AWS Lambda function. Configure JAR-artifact for the project. Open the tool window "Connector for AWS Lambda". Refresh lists with AWS Lambda functions, JAR-artifacts, regions and profiles Select am AWS Lambda function in the list. Hit the button "Update Function". Type an input for test function of open it from json-file. Hit the Run button to run the test. Track activity in the log window.