Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
  • Associative array auto-completion inferred from other functions (in other files)
  • Go To Declaration
  • Specify array keys and reference functions in phpdoc
  • Preserve type info of object placed in an associative array
This plugin greatly extends phpstorm's associative array completion and typing

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Recent change notes

  • Hotfix: infinite recursion caused by treating array key assigned to a var as being destination of the assignment. It treated $var = $this->data['key'] same as $this->data['key'] = $this->data['key']

General usage instructions

Press Ctrl+Space when caret is inside quotes to get completion options for associative array keys. The plugin will analyze your code to gather info about the variable.

Put caret on the accessed key and press Ctrl+B (or Ctrl+Left Mouse Button) to go to the definition.