Plugins with tag "Build Runners"

Unity3D runner

a simple way to build Web / Windows / OSX Unity Players from TeamCity ( announcement).


Testinium is a cloud based web and mobile test automation tool.

VSTest.Console Runner

allows running tests with vstest.console (bundled since TeamCity 9.1).


a runner and report tab for collecting JMH benckmark report for a runnable .jar file.

todo report

a runner to scan for "todo"s in the code and display the result report.

C# runner

write build task in C# right in web UI.

Grails support

TeamCity-aware reporting for Grails builds.

Xcode runner by JetBrains

builds and runs tests for Xcode projects (Mac OS, iOS applications) (bundled since TeamCity 7.1).

Android Runner

builds an Android package (.apk) from your Android project (obsolete, use bundled IntelliJ IDEA Project Runner instead).