Plugins with tag "Build Runners"

dotMemory Unit

Integration with JetBrains dotMemory Unit allowing you to run tests that check your code for all kinds of memory issues.


a build runner to upload a folder to a remote FTP server.

ILMerge Meta-Runner

meta-runner to run ILMerge (utility to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly). integration

a runner to run a build in build service.

Xcode runner 2

third-party earlier takes on Xcode runners.

SBT Runner

allows running builds with Simple Build Tool (Scala) (bundled since TeamCity 9.1).

Load Impact runner

run Load Impact tests from TeamCity ( announcement).

Pgyer Runner

uploads packages to Pgyer server.

Squish Runner

allows running froglogic Squish GUI Tester tests from TeamCity.