Plugins with tag "Build Runners"

Grails support

TeamCity-aware reporting for Grails builds.


run Groovy code as an agent build step.

ILMerge Meta-Runner

meta-runner to run ILMerge (utility to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly).

Load Impact runner

run Load Impact tests from TeamCity ( announcement).

Meta Runners Power Pack

a collection of meta runners for various tasks like downloading a file, triggering a build, tagging a build, changing a build status, running PHP tasks, etc.


runs NDepend analysis (.NET) and displays NDepend reports in TeamCity.

OpenCover Runner

allows running code coverage with OpenCover as a build step.

Pgyer Runner

uploads packages to Pgyer server.

PowerShell runner

easy run your PowerShell scripts from TeamCity (bundled since TeamCity 6.5).

Squish Runner

allows running froglogic Squish GUI Tester tests from TeamCity.