Plugins with tag "Extended Settings for Build Configurations"

Formatted Date Parameter

provides a configuration parameter with the current date/timestamp.

Git Scheduling Trigger

a custom implementation for TW-23879:Ability to trigger builds in specific branches by schedule.

Kill Billd

Kills Bill builds running for too long comparing to last successful build.


publishing build artifacts to a network share (server-side).

Octopus Deploy Build Trigger plugin

A TeamCity plugin that polls Octopus Deploy, and triggers a TeamCity build when.

TeamCity-Gerrit Build Trigger plugin

allows setting up a build trigger in TeamCity for a new Gerrit patch set.

Shared Build Number

provides build number sharing among build configurations and more.


cleaning checkout directory (deleting new files) after the build (bundled since TeamCity 5.1).

Tag build

service message to add a tag for the current build.


Issues unique build numbers to builds across projects in a simple counter fashion.