Plugins with tag "Miscellaneous"

Reverse package search

Perform a reverse NuGet package search via


This plugin adds Kotlin extension functions and extension properties which are defined for a Kotlin or Java class to the Structure View of that class.

Project Necromancer

By nik
Provides 'Resurrect Project' action (in 'Tools' menu) which recreates project directories from its configuration files.

InsuranceNow Support

Support for InsuranceNow development.


Simply adds the current time to the right bottom of the IDE window.

Bundled DataGrip Web Help

Bundled DataGrip Web help served via built-in Web server for offline use.

Pastebin Unofficial

Quickly create Pastebin pastes from within IntelliJ IDEA.


Support of geographic data (WKT ...).

Pokkt SDK Management Tool

What it is for ? This is a management tool for Pokkt SDK and mediation.

MPBots Plugin

Used for MPBots (