Plugins with tag "Miscellaneous"

Service messages .NET library

a .NET library for generating (and parsing) TeamCity service messages from .NET applications.

Stash Change Status

sends build status updates to Atlassian Stash.

Symbol Server

Allows you to use TeamCity as a Windows symbol and source server.

VSIX gallery

Turns TeamCity into a Visual Studio Extensions (vsix) Gallery.

TeamCity Benchmark

allows executing various benchmarks against TeamCity installation.


provides a command line tool which can be run as a build step to send notifications based on @user mentions in change comments.

Caches Cleanup

cleans Maven and Gradle caches when agent needs more disk space.


granting TeamCity users various badges based on their activity.

Artifacts torrents

By spak
turns the TeamCity server and agent into a torrent tracker and seeder for artifacts published to the server.