Plugins with tag "UI"

Atom File Icons IDEA

This is a port of the Atom File Icons ( for Jetbrains products.

Android DPI Calculator

An Android DPI calculator for all developers and designers.


TornadoFX support.

CPU Usage Indicator

CPU Usage Indicator in the status bar, just like the Memory Indicator.

MXML Design Preview

Provides instant preview of MXML components (Flex or Flash).

Android Icon Editor

Edit Color: Using this you can change selected icon color to any color.

Android Holo Colors Generator

IntelliJ Plugin for Android Holo Colors Genrator.

Active Intellij Tab Highlighter

Active Tab Highlighter Plugin for IntelliJ family IDEs.


By jfim
This plugin adds an option to run IDEA in full screen mode, with no title bar.

Keymap exporter

Allows exporting your keymap to a printable PDF document.