Plugins with tag "UI"


intellij wallpaper plugin.


Allows to bind actions of your choice to the following mouse gestures performed in editor.

Project Label

Project label creates a small label on the bottom right project window with the name and a changeable color.

Legacy Icon Pack for IntelliJ 2018.2+

Changes new monochrome icons to the good colorful old ones. You can choose between icons from IntelliJ 2016.2 and 2018.1.


Customizing the JetBRAINS IDEs.

Dracula Theme

Add Dracula Theme ( to be used alongside the Material Theme UI plugin (

Doki Doki Literature Club Theme

Built on top of Material UI.

CVS bar

Plugin creates quick access buttons for using CVS.


IdeaMouseGestures plugin provides easy way to assign Idea's menu items to mouse gestures. Mouse gestures are recognized when the right mouse button is pressed.

Logger folding

Folds and unfolds logger method calls in Java and Kotlin files.