Plugins with tag "Android"

ADB DateTime

Change date or time immediately over ADB:.


kotterknife plugin for kotlin.


Help generate intent to start activities of Android.

OkHttp Profiler

The OkHttp Profiler plugin can show detail request information from the OkHttp library directly in the Android Studio toolwindow.

MVP Creator plugin

Small plugin to build MVP skeletons and avoid boilerplate.

Data Binding Formatter : Databinding Model Generator

Quickly add android data binding setter and getter ,notifyChange and PropertyChangeRegistry methods for a model.

Android NR Bundle Builder

Use builder build bundle.

MVP Generator

Plugin which generates activities and fragments for MVP + Dagger + Rx using Kotlin (soon for Java)!.

AndroidStudio Template Update Plugin

Android Studio Template Update Plugin.

Generate M.V.P code

By leeii
This plugin is a key to generate the MVP of the android code.