Plugins with tag "Android"

Android Add LifeCycle

Using this plugin, you can add Activity or Fragment lifecycle method more quickly.

Dagger Weaver

By ruanr
dagger template code builder for mogu live.

Name That Color

Name the color you have in your clipboard directly inside your color resource file in Android Studio.

VCS Kotlin Converter

This IntelliJ IDEA plugin runs the native Convert Java File To Kotlin File action and preserves files VCS history by committing the rename step in VCS (most likely...


This plugin enables the niddler ui inside the IDE.

DeX ADB Tool

DeX ADB Tool can be used to quickly connect your phone which is plugged into the DeX station to Android Studio over WI-FI or Ethernet and to install, run and debug your...

Android External Plugin Support

Show the source code [Groovy、Java、Class] for Android Gradle Plugin and Custom Gradle Plugin. Such as External Libraries.


This plugin is used for generating findViewById & onClick code automatically in Android develop.

Android ORM Tool

The Android ORM (AORM) plugin, help Android developers to add ORM capability with AORM quickly.


resource translation for Android Studio 1.