Plugins with tag "Android"

Dagger Weaver

By ruanr
dagger template code builder for mogu live.


This plugin enables the niddler ui inside the IDE.

EMDK for Android

Android Studio plugin for EMDK for Android.

Data Binding Formatter : Databinding Model Generator

Quickly add android data binding setter and getter ,notifyChange and PropertyChangeRegistry methods for a model.

Name That Color

Name the color you have in your clipboard directly inside your color resource file in Android Studio.

.NR Feature Toggle

Generate Feature Toggle from object:.

MVP Generator

Plugin which generates activities and fragments for MVP + Dagger + Rx using Kotlin (soon for Java)!.

Android External Plugin Support

Show the source code [Groovy、Java、Class] for Android Gradle Plugin and Custom Gradle Plugin. Such as External Libraries.


Android localization plugin. Support multiple languages, No need to apply for key.

AndroidStudio Template Update Plugin

Android Studio Template Update Plugin.