Plugins with tag "Android"


Gradle Dependencies Code Completion , Searched by Maven'repo and Google'repo, for Android Developer.

CustomUI Tool Window

Plugin Function.


kotlin-android-extensions view.setonclickLisetener fast.

Gradle Plugin Support

Helps to create and develop a standard Gradle Plugin project. Includes generate the standard Gradle Plugin module、BuildSrc module and Groovy Class.


Main Function Compile Mobile Taobao Android, Mobile Youku Android, Mobile Cainiao Android quickly.

Wei Studio Tools

A collection of tools for AndroidStudio and make some actions simple for Weibo Project.

Parcelable Code Generator(for kotlin)

Parcelable Code Generator is a plugin which generates Android Parcelable boilerplate code for kotlin class.


By wkp
Plugin to general some utils class.

Android Clean Architecture Generator

This is an internal plugin but openly to use, I make for using very specific Android Clean Architecture...

FCM push sender

Sends push notifications using FCM.