Plugins with tag "Android"


Plugin is used to convert apk file into another extension file.

i18n robot

I18n robot is a plugin that can auto translate your language strings into other languages.

YXDroid Tools

the android development tools,include the following:.

Plugin for Adaptive Android Imposition

This plugin can help you create Android items such as RecyclerView, TextView, BottomNavigation, BottomSheet, Buttons, Cards, Divider, FloatingActionButton, Toolbar with...

TinyPng Plugin

This is a plugin for TinyPng.


help developer to print debug message through Log.e.

Dependency Injection Graph

Displays dependencies between classes as fancy graph.

Data Binding getter setter

android data binding setter and getter, similar to the default getter/setter.

WhichActivity Plugin

An AndroidStudio plugin of getting an activity name from current app page when adb is active.

Alleria Plugin

android studio plugin for accelerating compile android app.