Plugins with tag "Android"

Gradle Repo

Allows working with Gradle-Repo plugin. The following features are available:.


By yinzj
This is a collection of plugins for android studio, Two kinds of apk packing methods, translations and format json string github.

Nyandroid Restorer

Restore our favorite pop-tart-rainbow friend in Android Studio.

Copy Current Activity

Plugin for Android Studio.

databinding generateAllFiledSetter

Adds an option to generate a set function with notifyChange for all filed to the generate menu (cmd + n).

Droid Snippet

Live Coding Template for Android Studio.


A plugin that helps you to create singleTon class.


Ctrip Build Config tools.


A plugin that helps you to create classes and interfaces for MVP.


Generate Android 'findViewById' code.Support for Java and Kotlin.