Plugins with tag "Android"


By yinzj
This is a collection of plugins for android studio, Two kinds of apk packing methods, translations and format json string github.

YXDroid Tools

the android development tools´╝îinclude the following:.


resource translation for Android Studio 1.


A plugin that helps you to create RecyclerView Adapter with DataBinding.

Android Input

Android Input allows you to input text into Android device or emulator easily.

Android Add LifeCycle

Using this plugin, you can add Activity or Fragment lifecycle method more quickly.

Dagger Weaver

By ruanr
dagger template code builder for mogu live.

Data Binding getter setter

android data binding setter and getter, similar to the default getter/setter.

Copy Current Activity

Plugin for Android Studio.

Wei Studio Tools

A collection of tools for AndroidStudio and make some actions simple for Weibo Project.