Plugins with tag "Android"


help developer to print debug message through Log.e.

databinding generateAllFiledSetter

Adds an option to generate a set function with notifyChange for all filed to the generate menu (cmd + n).


Plugin for Aedu Frame Directions:.

Mvvm Helper

Generate Mvvm implements files for Mvvm Frame by bmapleaf.

Android Go To Declaration

Extended Android go to declaration.

Droid Snippet

Live Coding Template for Android Studio.


A plugin that helps you to create classes and interfaces for MVP.


Plugin is used to convert apk file into another extension file.

Parcelable Code Generator(for kotlin)

Parcelable Code Generator is a plugin which generates Android Parcelable boilerplate code for kotlin class.

WhichActivity Plugin

An AndroidStudio plugin of getting an activity name from current app page when adb is active.