Plugins with tag "Android"

MVP-Interactor Generator

Mvp Interactor Generator: This plugin is used to create MVP package with Presenter,view and interactor both in java/kotlin.

sky plugin

让开发变得轻松,简单,好维护... - Make development easy, simple, well maintained ...


Create MVP Classes Plugin.

Reactored Generator

Generate all the files required for a new Reactored screen at once.

Alleria Plugin

android studio plugin for accelerating compile android app.


This plugin enables the niddler ui inside the IDE.

AndroidProguard To add Android Proguard with one key! This is a plugin that collect all open source project proguard ,and insert proguard...

CXA Dev Platform

CXA Plugin Description.

Android Px2dp

parent layout xml px exchange to dp.


Create a new dialog!.