Plugins with tag "Android"


Create MVP Classes Plugin.

sky plugin

让开发变得轻松,简单,好维护... - Make development easy, simple, well maintained ...

Binding Layout

quickly to create a data binding layout.


JSON parsing to generate bean plug-ins.

Database Debugger

A plugin to help you easily to debug or see the android SqlLite database.

Meicloud setting

Meicloud project management plugin support.

Android IntDef code generator

Plugin which generates Android IntDef Annotation for you.

Android External Plugin Support

Show the source code [Groovy、Java、Class] for Android Gradle Plugin and Custom Gradle Plugin. Such as External Libraries.

VCS Kotlin Converter

This IntelliJ IDEA plugin runs the native Convert Java File To Kotlin File action and preserves files VCS history by committing the rename step in VCS (most likely...

AndroidProguard To add Android Proguard with one key! This is a plugin that collect all open source project proguard ,and insert proguard...