Plugins with tag "Code tools"

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Json2Java4Idea is a code generation plugin which converts JSON to Java in IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio.

Android File Grouping

This plugin is very helpful in Android Development.

Code blocks sorter

This plugin allows you to sort your code depending on indentation, comments, brackets etc.


This IntelliJ plugin is designed to improve the development experience when working with Apache Blueprint, Apache karaf and Apache Camel.

Iterm Plugin

ITerm Plugin.


Goal:Generate Python skeleton for Java classes in Jython projects.

ADB Duang

(Need Root !!!)Plugin for one key pull file ( database,preference.ANR info, method tracing info ) from device and push file ( database,preference ) to device.

JDocs API Lookup

A plugin to access the JDocs apis through IDEA.

Geocoding Plugin

This plugin is made for engineers working with Location-Based-Services / -Applications.